3 Property Taxes You Need to Know in Rwanda

By Akash Ladha, Managing Partner of ALCPA - A leading Audit & Advisory Firm in Kigali. ALCPA is happy to provide you with more information and answer questions you may have. You can contact ALCPA on +250-787-200-784 or Rwanda's real estate and property market attract a lot of domestic and foreign investment. If you are planning to invest in immovable property in Rwanda...

Understanding the 5 Residential Zoning Regulations in Kigali

One of the most frequent questions we get asked from people looking to buy property in Kigali is: “What kind of property can I build on this plot?” The answer to that is: It depends on the zone this particular plot is located in. The new 2020 Masterplans give detailed information about the zoning regulations in Kigali. The zoning regulates the types of uses, the allowed height, the density and the...

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